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MYLES ANN BARRINEAU: 16. Music. Art. Makeup. Cheerleading. Photography. Fashion. Bare feet. Summer. Oversized Sweaters. Tshirts. Sewing. Dancing in the rain. Late Nights. OJ. Desoto. Miley Cyrus. Mary Kate Olson. Ryan Reynolds. Bradley Cooper. Nail Polish. Magazines. Snuggies. Seashells. Captain Crunch. Cocoa Puffs. Justin Bieber. Mac Miller. Forever 21. Urban Outfitters. American Apparel. H&M. Laughs. Smiles. Tears. Frowns. Love. Hope. Friends. Life.
No more questions.


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warnerrr-deactivated20120829 said: ahh these people are idiots. ferkkk them

This is very true. haha

Figured it out.

… Thanks to Natalie. Although I didn’t remove my ask box completely, I just removed the anonymous option. SO, if you’ve got something to say, you’ll have to grow a pair and stop hiding behind stupid anon.

Anonymous said: these people need to grow a pair and get off anonymous

But that would only prove that their full of shit. Why on earth would they want that?

Anonymous said: Don't turn off your ask, please. Just don't get discouraged. It's probably only one person.

Im not discouraged, just annoyed. What would really be helpful is if someone would tell me how to turn my ask off because I can’t figure it out.

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